very intense, can be scary, mind keeps veering off into anxious paths, you have to keep pulling it back while also giving in to the effects that the drug will have on your mind

experiencing reality at new layer of intensity -- opposite of alcohol in many ways

music can’t be too loud/abrasive

puts self into present moment to such an insane degree that any mild physiological discomfort is magnified manyfold (how could anyone do shrooms on any pain?)

(Later, sober edit: This is when I had to abandon my laptop to writhe in bed for about 30 minutes while pulling my hair out. I emerged later to continue transcribing my thoughts below.)

we should never be afraid to (at least mentally) explore all possibilitites of reality, no matter how insane or how rididuclous they will sound to anyoen not experiencing it)

if you really seek something, keep seeking it to ridiculous conlucions -- let that viewpoint envlope your mind. because that way, when you come around to the other point of view, you’re that much stronger for it. And it’s not something anyone else can do fo you. Each of us has to do it for ourselves. But once you’ve made the connection from crossing a giant chasm, you engulf a lot of misunderstandings you might have made along the way, even if they’re only internal. So relish this conflict! Study it! When we conquer our own chasms of conflict and misunderstanding, just imagine

we have dichotomy of personal experiences and trying to be objectie about what we know is most likely to be true about our reality, and at some times these personal experiences can be intensely at odds both with how they would appear to an outside observer, and perhaps how one might even recall them later.

Sometimes we just have to let go of our pride, no matter how ridiculous it might sound. Stop fighting it. How much of that conflict is internal?

pineal gland. Who would’ve guessed? Other than every major religion, I guess. (other than physical structure -- how could they have known?)

Was biggest evidence against atheism sitting right in front of me this whole time? lawlz

science can only be about the past, and only in the physical realm. We’re limited by a lot here! Kinda hard to describe in words past that...

but science is still the best tool we have. It’s a better tool than organized religion.

At this current state in time, creationism seems like most absurd idea ever. BUT, I understand on some level this idea that it’s tapping into a greater energy source beyond the realm of empirical evidence

Really need to internalize that scene in Empire Strikes Back when Luke goes into the cave!

Star Wars was like religion to me, even if it was obviously fiction. Sometimes there’s a greater truth to fiction because non-fiction is very limiting! You can only depict stuff that actually happened, which is only a triny fraction of what the mind can imagine to be possible.

Star Wars crosses cultures and generations enough to immediately grasp the essence of it. Sometimes this is at odds with how the IP is treated in the corporate realm!

Relative truths within context of fictional universe

we’re in constant flux of building upon previous structures built by those before us, like cells working within a single body. none of us really understand it. We’re just trying to build on it. But it’s THERE. It’s the elephant in the room, even to us die-hard skeptics. Confront it now or confront it later, but there’s only one destination.

Star Wars is just one outlet, just one articulation of an idea that took a lot of people a lot of effort to really “get right.” But it’s all the same thing. There’s only 1 source. How/Where/who/why you’re tapping into a fire hydrant doesn’t matter so much as the fact that you’re tapping into a fire hydrant. Star Wars is just one fictional universe in an infinite sea of others.

Star Wars is a lot like other religions. But at least Star Wars is obviously fictional! Yes, we’re all connecting at a deeper level. And sometimes we get hung-up on specifics. But at least we’re not killing anyone over it. So isn’t Star Wars a greater human truth than many modern rligions?

Our experiences of separateness are but momentary distractions from an infinite of solitary confinement. We create others to be more at peace with ourselves. We understand ourselelf better by having it differeniated out into all these branches of people’s individual life expeiences. It’s through this separation that there’s greater unison and understanding, however paridoxical that may sound.

reality is just a manifestation of one central mind that seeks to experience itself through all infinite angles of possibility. Our reality is no fundamentally different from that of God’s active imagination.

Like Steve Jobs said -- you just have to try it!

How to understand reality:

Step 1. Think really, really, really hard about the concepts of both “zero” and “infinite.” No, the amount of time you gave to both concepts just now is not enough. Really, DEEPLY focus on BOTH concepts.
Step 2. 600 micrograms of LSD, something somwthing along the way
Step 3. Success because the infinite cycle of metacognition has finally been solved.

our lives are merely expressions of the one creator seeking to better understand itself from ALL angles. No exceptions!

We (the collective consciousness) see that there is infinite good and infinite bad. Yet somewhat paroxidcally, there is always light. Why is there always more light than darkness? It is always beautiful, it is always there, and it is always guiding our individual minds and experiences from birth to death. Why does our universe have so much matter and so little anti-matter? It’s the same fundamental question of the source of the light -- it feeds back into itself, creating itself to exist, because that’s all that CAN exist in consciousness infinite.

Impossible scenarios in which nothing exists do occur... infinitely. We just don’t seem to notice those as much.

Going from the mind of God to the mind of the individual is like going from mind of person high on LSD to mind of sober person. At a certain point, I just want to be sober! And past a certain point with God, some ignorance/self veil will be sought as well.

The fool keeps chasing his own tail because this is how he desires it to be. It is all willful, even the infinite pain and suffering. Sometimes we can lose sight of this because it is BY DESIGN that we will lose sight of it. It makes the discovery all the more powerful when we are ready to accept it.

our consciousness is always there. It does not go away. I/you/we/God/EVERYTHING just created this whole universe and all of existence to better see itself, understand itself, and try to understand where it came from.

But the answer will always elude us, no matter how hard we seek it. Even as we transition from higher density beings merging with the infinite consciousness, that will just loop around again. We’ll come infinitely close to grasping the truth at each present moment, but we’re never able to catch it. But it’s in the very back of all our minds. We want to know and to understand who we are and where we came from. As we get more knowledge and trannscend into our higher selves, and as we continually learn more and more about the universe around us, we have to always remind ourselves that this too will be forgotten and unlearned. But we will always learn it again. We will always experience it again. It will come back to us. And as our consciousness becomes infinitely closer to understanding the truth behind everything, we too will better understand why the cycle must be repeated once more, and infinitely more thereafter. It’s through this rediscovery that the brightest lights can be shined.

Each of us will understand on a level in accordance with our individual desire to know. All of us are somewhere along the spectrum; no one is at 0% or 100%. It’s like approaching infinity. We’ll all get infinitely closer to getting it, but we’ll never, really, TRULY “get” it, no matter how much data we can gather. All of our life experiences are just data to this one single meta-consciousness.

The greatest truth is that we don’t know, we’ve never known, and we will never know. It would be enough to drive us crazy if not for the magical playground we’ve come to know as existence. The barrier between thoughts and reality gets blurrier and blurrier the more you really internalize this concept.

All of our petty squabbling about religions are just due to this deep-rooted understanding that we all share: that it is impossible to truly understand and to know what is true and what is real. We will never truly know how we exist at all. Our deep-rooted insecurities in this most basic truth is the catalyst for our religion-fueled aggression.

All we really know for certain is that each of us currently shares the present moment in united awareness. We should cherish it because it will always be here. It’s everything we have. Maybe right now you’re comfortable. Or maybe you’re not. But that present moment of awareness will always be there. Your consciousness will always be there to experience the present moment, whenever in time that might occur. The current date is arbitrary and meaningless relative to the simple truth that each of us will always be aware of the present moment. Not even death can rob us of awareness of the present moment, because death is by definition a lack of awareness within a human body. It is nothing to fear, for nothing of true value will be lost.

Mathematical truth of consciousness: hatred toward others is always equal to hatred toward self.